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A lot of our new customers call us at Autobahn telling us that their warranty at the Dealership had expired and are looking for a new home for servicing their vehicle. In this day and age with the our economy is heading, We are getting more and more phone calls to see how we compare in quality of service and most importantly, price.

Dealerships are now charting over $120 per hour for their labor rates and adding obscene charges that don't even make sense, such as Hazard Waste Fees, Delivery Fees, Equipment Fees and son. If you cannot read or understand what you are paying for on the ticket, that is wrong. Here at Autobahn we keep it plain and simple, $75 an hour on any vehicle for our labor rate and discounted Original Manufactured Parts.

Just the other day we had a first time customer telling us that the Dealership wanted $200 just for LOOKING at the car and GUESS what the problem might be. After taking it to us at the Autobahn they got their car REPAIRD for $180. We took care of the specific problem and didn't force them for any other service work; we kept it plain and simple.

We told our customers in 2005 we will not raise our hourly rate and we kept our promise. To this day we still keep the rate at $75 per hour and we are able to do so because of the many loyal customers that we have. We also service Asian or domestic vehicles.
You will be surprised about the money you would have saved if you haven't gone to the dealer and had come to the Autobahn.
So give us a try and see how our professional team and staff can help you with your automobile!